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Lele Pons, left, is one of the most popular Vine stars in the world. Ever since its launch two years ago, Vine stars have been using six-second bursts of video to make a name for themselves. We collected and ranked the most popular Vine stars in the world based on their number of followers. Most are comedians, while others are musicians or actors. These Vine users have risen from relative obscurity, and are now followed by millions of people. Some have even landed record deals or TV show and movie deals because of Vine.

YouTube has entire studios in major cities for its creators to shoot videos. It even sends out little plaques when they hit certain subscriber milestones; they look like framed play buttons. It might sound silly, but it's right out of the Silicon Valley employee perk manual.

Your guide to celebrity couples and the latest break up and hook up news. For every story of a celebrity dating their one-time biggest fan, there's another of a star getting romantically. Where Have All The Top Viners Gone? On October 27, , Twitter shocked the world by ending its social video platform, Vine. While news of Vine's "timely" death may have surprised audiences, most of the social media platform's top stars (Viners) knew long . Dec 05,   Vine, while it lasted, made a lot of its stars famous and more than a few rich. Now it's gone and those stars are trying to figure out what to .

But not Vine. She transitioned most of her content to Instagram k followers and YouTube 44k subscribers, 1. There was little to no facilitation from the app to continue developing the creator community. YouTube has done a fantastic job taking care of and promoting their creators," she said.

Vine stars dating

As Vine decayed, 18 of its biggest stars banded together and approached the company with a demand to be paid more than a million dollars each to produce something around three pieces of original content per person, per week. The maneuver was either a righteous embrace of capitalism or a sloppy last-ditch extortion scheme. Either way, it failed. Vine balked. Its stars walked. If that wasn't the precise time of death for the company, it certainly served to notify the coroner.

Logan Paul wants to be famous. That's hardly remarkable among Vine stars. They all want to be famous.

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And on some level, by some definition, they already are. But if fame is an alphabet spectrum, they're probably plotted closer to Z than A. Logan Paul wants to change that. It isn't enough. He craves real fame. Legit A-list. The year-old has said, more than once and quite earnestly, that he hopes to be the biggest entertainer in the world. Like any Hollywood climber, he's eager to act, but his early roles show just how unfavorable the exchange rate is between social media fame and fame fame.

What Are Vine Stars Doing Now That Vine Is Dead? Freaking Out.

He also starred in a recently released YouTube Red original sci-fi horror flick called The Thinningabout an overpopulated dystopia where only the smartest survive after taking a test. The rest are thinned. I won't spoil the social media-heavy plot for you, but - surprise! So if YouTube is the step that comes after Vine, and acting is the step that comes after or during? YouTube, what does becoming the biggest entertainer in the world look like to Paul?

Or Kevin Hart.

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Complete with the asterisk. He continued: "As far as what that looks like in 10 years I literally have no idea.

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But I've been saying this for the past three years - when I get there, I'll know it. Bromides aside, Paul makes an interesting point about not knowing what the future of digital media holds, about taking care not to rely too much on any particular medium. It's a disquieting truth for some former Viners now tasked with learning a new language.

Much of the unease is owed to obvious differences in format and the way jokes and stories are told. A six-second framework automatically streamlines and limits what you can do. YouTube is different in terms of possibilities and time. Getting a viewer to watch you for six seconds is exponentially easier than getting them to watch you for five minutes, much less two hours. And this, says comedian Jordan Burt, an early adopter of Vine who had 3.

Actual celebrities.

I don't know how you think you're more famous than Brad Pitt. You're not. He's cemented himself.

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And, oh yeah, he's also talented. He's shown that he has skills beyond being popular. To be clear, Burt wasn't talking about Logan Paul. And Burt insisted he understands how easy it is for millions of followers to short-circuit your self-worth GPS and leave you feeling like you've arrived at Peak Popularity when you've barely reached the base camp. He called the sensation "intoxicating" while simultaneously puzzling over how his peers are incapable of understanding or acknowledging the inherently ephemeral nature of internet celebrity.

I can't rely on this to last. I have to make it sustainable. This will be the first child for her and her husband Zandy Reich, whom she married in Ma.

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Nothing like a global pandemic to make your interpersonal problems seem insignificant, which is probably why pairs of Hollywood exes keep revealing that th. Per the do.

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Is the first famous quarantine baby on the way? Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are reportedly having a baby, according to People.

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Multiple unname. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married almost exactly a year ago, but for the singer, it feels like their love story just began.

Boys Lele Pons Has Dated

Jerome Jarre is a French Vine star and one of the first Snapchat celebrities. In October he was detained by police after he attempted to film a Vine aboard a flight to Miami, wearing a Speedo and carrying a five-foot rubber duck.

Throughout history, there have been many female viners who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female viners such as Liza Koshy, Alissa Violet, Liane Valenzuela, Tina Woods, Amanda female viners featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & India and many more countries. May 16,   Enjoy New Video NEW Brent Rivera Funny Vines & Instagram Video Compilation - Vines Vines Stars.

Brittany Furlan is Vine's most popular female star. She's since landed a deal for a sketch comedy show being produced by Seth Green. Andrew B.

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Bachelor, better known as KingBachrecently became the most popular Viner in the world. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

It often indicates a user profile. My Account.

BI Prime Intelligence Logout. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Maya Kosoff. Jessi Smiles. Amymarie Gaertner. Shawn Mendes. Carter Reynolds.

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KC James. Brandon Calvillo. Us The Duo. Nicholas Megalis.

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David Lopez. DeStorm Power. Matthew Espinosa.

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