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A dating scan is an ultrasound scan to determine how many weeks pregnant you are and your due date. Read on for more information about what a dating scan offers. A dating scan might be recommended to confirm your due date if you are unsure of your last menstrual period or your date of conception. It is usually offered to pregnant women from 10 weeks to 13 weeks gestation, but can be carried out any time from 6 weeks. If you have had bleeding during your pregnancy or you have had previous miscarriages , your doctor or midwife may recommend an early dating scan from 6 to 10 weeks gestation.

Understanding your fetal ultrasound

Even then, sonographers often only see a heartbeat in 20 percent of early dating scans. While it may be nerve-racking, your doctor will likely send you for a repeat scan in one to two weeks to re-evaluate, says Kinnear.

Dating Ultrasound ( Weeks) If you didn't get an ultrasound around weeks, you'll probably have a "dating ultrasound" around weeks of pregnancy. A dating ultrasound gives an accurate estimate of how far along you are in your pregnancy. Many women are uncertain of exactly when conception happened. Ultrasound can tell you how many weeks pregnant you are, based on the size of your fetus. Dating ultrasounds are most accurate when they happen between weeks, and are calculated by. Find out what to expect at your first and second trimester ultrasound appointments, what you can learn from those ultrasounds, and why you might need .

If your doctor breaks out a Doppler to use on your tummy, you might also be able to hear the heartbeat but probably not until at least 10 weeks. Depending on the province and medical clinic, they may or may not be able to give you details about your baby, such as heartbeat and size. Most clinics will fax the results to your doctor for a follow-up appointment.

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Drink a glass of water 45 minutes before your ultrasound appointment in case you have an abdominal ultrasound, recommends Kinnear. However, you may be able to take a shot of the screen with your phone, if the technician allows, or order a CD of your photos.

Apr 24,   How an ultrasound during pregnancy is done. If you're getting an ultrasound before week 6 or 7, your practitioner will likely perform a transvaginal ultrasound. A small, long transducer (or wand) is wrapped in a condom-like cover and . A dating scan is an ultrasound examination which is performed in order to establish the gestational age of the pregnancy. Dating scans also reveal other important information such as: the number of fetuses and gestation sacs. the presence of a heart beat. the size of the fetus, from which the gestational age is estimated. Oct 28,   Find out what you can see at your six-week ultrasound, also known as dating scan, and how to prepare for that first ultrasound appointment. Find out what you can see at your dating ultrasound (as early as six weeks along) and how to prepare for that first appointment. By Kate Daley October 28, Photo: iStockphoto.

Read more: Your pregnancy: 6 weeks What to expect at the week ultrasound. Being pregnant What to expect at your 6-week ultrasound appointment Find out what you can see at your dating ultrasound as early as six weeks along and how to prepare for that first appointment.

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When is the first ultrasound during pregnancy? What happens at the six-week ultrasound?

For an abdominal dating ultrasound, you will need to have a full bladder. You may be asked to drink some water and not go to the toilet beforehand because a full bladder helps to push your womb up to give a better picture. For a vaginal scan, you can have an empty bladder. The scan will take minutes to perform. When will I have my dating scan? The dating scan is an ultrasound that can be done from seven weeks of pregnancy but they usually happen a little later. It's the best way to predict your due date (Butt and Lim , PHE , SOGC , Van den Hof et al ). It's also a chance for you to see your baby for the first time. Other reasons to have a 7 week ultrasound are to: Confirm the presence of one or more embryos and gestational sacs. Assess the gestational age. This can also be known as a "dating scan". When a mother has been experiencing blood loss, the ultrasound can identify the cause and source of the bleeding. Confirm the presence of a heartbeat.

What are they looking for during the first ultrasound? The sonographer is looking for a few main things in this first scan.

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What will they be checking at the first ultrasound? Heartbeat At six weeks, sonographers may be able to see a heartbeat on the monitor more on this below.

Ultrasound During Pregnancy

How many ultrasounds do you get in a typical pregnancy? Location of the embryo The technician is looking at whether the embryo implants in the uterus.

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Yolk sac At this early stage, the sonographer will be looking for a yolk sac, which is attached to the baby like a balloon to provide nourishment, explains Kinnear. Often at this time you will be asked whether you want to know the sex of the baby.

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Because the baby has grown, your sonographer will be able to go through some important checks. She will take a close look at every part of the baby to determine whether any abnormalities are present, such as a cleft lip, misalignment of the spine or a heart problem. Though not all abnormalities can be seen at this point, it is an opportunity to get a head start.

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The sonographer will also take measurements to ensure your baby is growing as expected. If she is unable to get all the views she requires, or if there is the possiblity of a problem, you may be asked to come in for a repeat ultrasound in a week or so.

If, however, the baby was smaller or larger than expected during your second trimester ultrasound, if a problem unveils itself or if you have had problems in a past pregnancy, another ultrasound may be recommended.

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The third trimester ultrasound can take place anywhere from 28 to 40 weeks into your pregnancy. It is also often done if twins are expected.

When can you get a dating ultrasound

Doctors and midwives are trained in how to properly monitor a mother and her child, and that means they will gear your ultrasound schedule to your particular needs. Mothers dealing with high blood pressure or diabetes, for example, will likely require regular ultrasounds throughout the entire pregnancy. What is an ultrasound? In the first trimester If you are unsure of the conception date or the first day of your last period, you may be offered a dating ultrasound when you are estimated to be 10 to 14 weeks pregnant.

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