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We help affiliates , entrepreneurs and media brands create their own dating sites and generate industry-leading revenues and profits through our world-leading online dating platform. Pre-populated member database containing over 59 million registrations ensures your traffic has the best opportunity to convert straight after registration. Dedicated Account Managers with market-leading expertise in building and growing dating brands at your disposal, 7 days a week, to offer strategic support. Use your own external pixels to track the performance of your campaigns across a number of platforms. In-house customer care team supporting members from registration through to conversion, with ongoing retention efforts.

It's quick and easy to get started with no set-up costs Use our WLD Design Tool to create high converting landing pages to send your traffic to. WLD Design Tool. Revenues Shares.

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Bespoke Reports. We pay our partners every 2 weeks We offer a full range of payment solutions across multiple international currencies. Payment Management. White-label services can also be sold to end customers, depending on the product and service model of the white-label services supplier and distributor.

Again, Vendasta is an example of a white-label service provider that sells digital agency services to agencies and media companies. Agencies and media companies then rebrand our services with their own branding, set their pricing strategy, and sell it as their own to their business customers. Get a free demo!

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White-label products are created by one company the provider to be rebranded and resold by another company the reseller to an end customer the buyer. White-labeling enables resellers to expand their offerings without producing goods from scratch, which allows them to quickly scale their offerings, costs, and revenue.

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In this example, a white-labeled product is manufactured by the provider company rebranded by the reseller company E and sold to an end customer, the buyer Bob.

In this case, the end user is an end consumer. White-label products can also be sold to businesses, depending on the product and service model of the white-label products, supplier, and distributor. The Kirkland signature batteries that Costco sells is a great example of a white-labeled product. Not many people know that it is Duracell that actually makes the batteries and then white labels them for Costco to sell under its own brand. Whichever way you look at it, the product or service that is being sold is made to be rebrandable so that the seller can sell it under their own name to their consumer.

In the fashion industry, for example, private label is a common practice where retailers create their own brands with similar styles of clothing at a competitive price point usually to offer a similar style of shirt or dress, but for a much cheaper cost. Also in the case of private label goods, some products are white-labeled under the private label for exclusive brands.

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That being said, there are a few different models or strategies of how private label goods are channeled, but at the end of the day, the private label is branded under the seller whether it is the manufacturer or the reseller of the items.

White-labeling, in the case of software and services, allows re-sellers to achieve a competitive price point one point that makes it similar to a private label modelwithout having to add the expenses of manufacturing or coding the software in-house, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies. All the bang for way less buck.

A product or service can be either white-labeled or co-branded, but not both. The method effectively leverages the brand power of the better known brand. This is very different compared to white-label, in which only one brand is featured on the end product or service.

Costco is an example of a company that co-brands with Starbucks and sells coffee under its own Kirkland brand to end consumers or businesses, whatever you use your Costco membership for, no judgments here.

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This one can be more tricky. Outsourcing is paying someone else to do a function for your business, whether it be a one-time thing or a continuous service.

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A service or production of a product can be outsourced and may or may not be white-labeled. It's only white-labeling if you buy a product or service and then sell it to others with your brand name on it. For example, if you wanted to outsource your digital agency function, you are simply outsourcing your digital agency services under your own brand.

It is becoming harder to find love these days in the 'traditional' way - actually getting out there and meeting people. Between extremely busy lifestyles, hobbies, work and family, setting time aside to find your soulmate can be extremely difficult. That is why more and more of us are turning to the convenience of online dating. In your own time, from the comfort of your own home, and with. White Label Dating has everything you need to enjoy the lifestyle of your choosing. Generate short-term and long-term, recurring revenues by driving traffic to your very own online dating sites. We offer an easy-to-manage revenue stream with an excellent ROI. We've been going since and have paid over $ million to our partners since then. 6 White Label Software & Services You Can Resell And Make Money We know firsthand the sheer revenue potential with white label reselling. We not only sell white label software to agencies, entrepreneurs and associations, we've also used white label solutions in the past to scale ourselves.

Example: Vendasta creates white-label digital marketing solutions that our agency partners rebrand and resell to their business clients. In this section we will discuss the different reasons a business would want to white-label, as well as the pros and cons of reselling software and services.

Whether you want to attract new customers, keep the ones you have reduce churnor increase your basket size from your current customers, white-labeling allows you to increase the scope of your current offerings. You may be an agency that specializes in reputation management, but your customers are asking for websites or SEO.

How does one just jump into that? This point plays into the previous point slightly, but if you can offer more products and services, the more you will be able to attract the attention of bigger fish in the pond who need more than just one digital product or service fulfilled.

You no longer want to be a one-stock shop, but a full-service agency that can be a one- stop shop that fulfills your clients' every need, and so well, that they keep coming back. Your customers may be a little confused and could lose trust in your business.

Your clients come to you because they trust you and putting your trusted brand name on a white-label product or service not only puts your brand name out there more, it further enhances your reputation as a trusted industry player. Adding your label to a proven software or service do your due diligence to make sure it is our guide will helpwill save you a lot of risks, capital and time things that many agencies or businesses for that matter do not have in excess.

If you are wondering if white-label digital marketing software is the right move, this section is for you. There are fantastic solutions out there already from companies that have been in the game for a while. They have had a lot of time and experience developing their software and have been continuously improving it from the get go. If you can white-label that software, then your agency is benefiting from their track record, experience in the space and ability to move forward in confidence with a strong solution.

Developing software can be a risky endeavor and requires a lot of resources to build, maintain and improve. White-labeling allows you to offer a product with your branding on it relatively quickly.

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After completing on-boarding and training you can start selling the software as your own. Bypassing all of the extra legwork required to develop your own software frees up your time and energy for you to focus on what you do best: helping your customers and selling. If you are white-labeling more than one product, then you are expanding into more markets and are able to sell more products to your current customers, thus increasing your breadth and depth.

White label dating offer code

This allows you to scale and grow your business much faster than trying to develop software yourself, all with very few barriers to entry. While we have all grown accustomed to paying a yearly fee for software, cloud-based computing and software accessed over the internet has gone away with purchasing a yearly software license and companies now charge monthly for software products.

It may seem a little scary that a customer could leave on a monthly basis instead of a yearly basis, but this distribution of monthly recurring revenue helps keep your cash flow steady. Offering additional products and killer customer service will help keep your customers coming back to you.

Also, allowing them to pay the costs monthly helps their cash flow too so it is a win-win for everybody. Your white-label partner wants to see you succeed because your success is ultimately their success.

White label dating offer code

If you are able to make a business of reselling their software, you will likely continue to be a customer - and your white-label partner wants to keep you as a customer! Therefore, they are or at least should be there to help you with whatever you need to keep selling and growing your company, as a true partnership should. This includes training, support and materials to help you stay an expert on the software, as well as marketing materials to help you pitch to your customers.

Be prepared to create some of the content yourself, but your partner should give you a healthy amount of rebrandable materials to get you started.

This all depends on the needs and goals of your agency. Maybe their price is right or they are offering you a great deal, be careful that the cost savings outweigh any possible cons. Make sure you do a thorough vetting process and ask as many questions as possible.

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One thing to watch out for:. Some third-party applications and white-label partners may sell to your customers, local businesses. This would make your partner also your competitor.

Find a supplier that has similar goals, one with as few competing interests as possible.

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However, there are some white-label companies that also sell directly to SMBs. When analyzing which solution and route you want to go with a software offering, make sure you ask your prospective partner if they also sell to the businesses you will be targeting and what steps they take not to snipe any of their partners' current and prospective clients.

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There is a risk in doing so, and it is important to do your due diligence to choose the right solutions provider to partner with. If there is a problem with the software, the customer will place the blame on you, because your logo is on it. I suggest weighing the pros and cons of white labeling. Do the pros outweigh the cons? Online Dating Coach Laurie Davis - The Online dating coach laurie davis chart below fast cash personal loan shows the hard process Detailed dating site reviews, rankings, comparisons, and helpful consumer information to determine the best online dating sit Singles Connection Essex - Since Singles connection essex you will find several refund anticipation loan different loan lenders wh Featured titles for the white label dating offer code were carefully selected by our editors.

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Types of white-label products and services. Here is a list of some common types and related terms: B2B white-label: Products or services provided by a white-label company that sells their products or services to a re-seller that resells it to the end user, another company. Example: Vendasta creates white-label digital marketing solutions that our agency partners rebrand and . Earn up to net revenue share - then up to 80guaranteed - as part of White Label Dating's rapid growth revenue share scheme. The Original White Label Provider. Sites running on our award-winning platform have generated over $ million since We're the platform of choice for the world's best dating affiliates. White label dating offer code. Here are our handpicked suggestions for 'white label dating offer code'. Our editors have chosen several links from Additionally, you can browse 7 more links that might be useful for you.

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