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For pubg problem matchmaking consider, that

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With this matchmaking ate, Devs wanted players to queue up for matches much efficiently than before. This included faster queue times and players being connected to game servers closest to their location.

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Here are some of the complaints. The matchmaking ate was put in place so that players could queue with players within the same region. This has been the issue pre-patch 22 as players would usually queue with Chinese players that are notorious for cheating their way to the top.

'PUBG' Announces Fix for Region Matchmaking Problems

Players are still complaining even though a patch was released to fix it. Then there are the high ping times that is creating more delays in games and causing players to not play at their top level.

PUBG - Dev Respond to Bot Complaints & Matchmaking Problems Ep.8

PUBG matchmaking system is greatly suffering due to it and currently there seems to be no solution to it. What most players are currently demanding is to region lock China. This limits players from the country to play only in their region. Dota 2 implemented this a few years ago. As of now however, the problem is still there and so is the frustration of players from the rest of the world.

Something that Kill Ping helps online players with is the ease of limiting yourself to particular regions and reducing ping times.

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Having a history of satisfied gamers in this ct, Kill Ping is proud to boast its efficiency to PUBG players as well. Plus you will be able to reduce your ping times quite substantially. Kill Ping with its advanced routing algorithm and dedicated servers you will match with game servers with the shortest route.

If you have been tired of queuing with cheaters especially Chinese players then this is definitely going to be a sigh of relief for you. While the PUBG ate 22 brought in many positive changes to the game, it is still a far cry from making the game stable and balanced for competitive play.

Oct 13,   PUBG Corp. has deployed a fix for some of the issues PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players had with recent regional matchmaking PUBG released ate 22 for the PC version, changes. Aug 29,   Actually, my PUBG Matchmaking issue on SOLO FPP matches has started after the release of "FIX PUBG" campaign. I don't know how they're fixing PUBG, but it's definitinely not working for me. I have the same issue with matchmaking. RU and EU both - the problem is with only solo fpp mode. Any other, it's super fast. So for couple of days i was. I was going to launch into a diatribe about Matchmaking vs pre-established servers (that we can police ourselves, and gasp keep free of cheaters and douche-knuckles) - but i'm having too much fun watching Impractical Jokers. level 1. There aren't west coast servers in PUBG. Only one NA server and it's in Ashburn, Virginia.

The Devs are aware but still there is no solution to it. And until this happens, having good matchmaking and healthy competition is still quite difficult to find.

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Kill Ping is trying its best to help players but game Devs should have to figure out a fix. They need a way to stop players from cheating and limiting players to their own region.

The main question - why are we in this other pool, especially for those like me who have low pings to NA servers?

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It's not my account, since I have 3 and they all behave like this. It's not my network or ISP, since it's also like this at work and from a Starbucks local wifi hotspot. Is it fubar ping lock code that drops our matchmaking priority?

Im in Argentina and i cannot play, its been several days of waiting endlessly. Today i waited 16 minutes and still matchmaking. This is bullshit, this game used to have the quickest matchmaking i ever experienced, and now is the worst. Is there any solution?

Same problem, tried everything on the official forums ans still no fix. But this piece of code doesnt even give you the opportunity to experience the beforementioned issues as it mandates matchmaking It's possible the devs didn't find this until recently, and are working on a fix now. PU seems like the kind of dev who won't let his game. Oct 06,   Players all across the world are facing this problem and are voicing their concerns on players residing in North America have reported abnormal pings and consistent matchmaking with Chinese players. Another North American player claims that they were matched with a random teammate from Ukraine. Unfortunately, the issues are not limited to matchmaking. Some concerns about long matchmaking times. Discussion. First of all, I apologise in advance for the long post. or to know if there's another client-side problem that needs fixing, like perhaps a local network issue. especially given long matchmaking times in a game like PUBG will mean less time to actually practice and improve at the.

Thanks for the info. The thing is that when I run a internet Speedtest: Ping: 8ms.

Pubg problem matchmaking

Recently I tried to play on 1-man squad and also on squad and it was super fast the matchmaking. So, apparently the problems is mainly on solo mode and surely is related with the futbar ping lock.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a massively multiplayer online survival game developed and published by Bluehole for Microsoft Windows. Last problem: Feb. 11, at a.m. I have a problem with Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. Your report was successfully submitted. How do you rate Player Unknown's Battlegrounds over the past 3 months?3/5. Oct 11,   PUBG gets Patch 22 but also faces problems of high ping times, and region locking in matchmaking. PUBG matchmaking system is greatly suffering due to it and currently there seems to be no solution to it. the problem is still there and so is the frustration of players from the rest of the world.

That is your ping at that specific time to the server you are trying to connect to. I hope that helps out. I still facing this problem here. Please, don't let this thread die.

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My results:. TPP works fine too. Only solos FPP doesn't work.

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This thread needs to get some dev attention. Hey Devs, maybe you can give any answers or something to help us, or you dont care about your community? They've said multiple times the matchmaking system isn't what it should be.

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We are still actively discussing the system, and looking into rules based on player ping, language, or distance. We are also considering improving MMR logic and increasing the interval for resetting the leaderboard to build a more systematic matchmaking system. This is a complicated system to build and get right, which means we have a lot of work to get done in this area so we don't want to make any hasty promises.

Our goal is to provide all players with a healthy queue that ensures a stable and fair game.

We'll keep you posted for more details as we commit to figuring this out! Ok, but we want them to address the bug here. I don't know how they're fixing PUBG, but it's definitinely not working for me. I dont know why devs have so bad attitude to community Guys, you have a problem with servers or something Please answer or do it something!!

It wasn't the "last" patch that broke this. This is a big issue that has some of us locked out of the main matchmaking pool with the main NA FPP playerbase, and it "seems" it's Solos, Duos, and Squads.

I've been putting this on blast across all forums and at various PUBG twitter channels, and have heard absolutely nothing.

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I have the same issue with matchmaking. Any other, it's super fast.

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So for couple of days i was playing in squad fpp mode

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