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If you get your water from a well, your home needs a jet pump and pressure tank. During normal operation, the jet pump fills the pressure tank with water to the pump's preset pressure and shuts off. It cycles on again when the pressure falls below the pump's cut-in pressure, thus maintaining the pressure in your water lines. It isn't difficult to connect the pump to the tank and to connect both to the water system. You need to adjust the bladder pressure of the empty tank to conform to the cut-in pressure of the pump, however. Turn the pressure tank on its side, and screw an adapter to the galvanized elbow to which you can connect the water pipes.

Our goal was to locate all of our utility equipment in a compact area to minimize the amount of wire and pipe needed and to have a central location to simplify systems management. The well's power system consists of two solar panels, two sealed batteries, a charge controller and the Sun Pumps pump controller.

Shallow Well Pump - Everbilt Jet Well Pump Installation - The Home Depot

Initially we set it up as a stand alone 24 volt system. To pump water we simply flip a switch on the pump controller that activates the submersible pump. The water that is piped from our well is carried into a water manifold that is located in a pit beneath our utility shed.

It is the central point of our water system that connects the well pump, storage tank, pressure tank, pressure pump, and all of the fresh water lines out.

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We can access the manifold and water distribution equipment through a trap door in the floor of the utility shed. Once the solar power system was in place and the water distribution equipment installed we were ready to hook into our fresh water storage tank. After situating the gallon storage tank we ran PVC lines from the water manifold to the base of the tank.

Dec 21,   I have read a lot of threads on here asking about using a generator to power a water well pump so I wanted to pass some info along. My intent here is only to clear up some confusion about using water wells and generators, which many of us have to do while living in . Add a Hand Pump to an Electric Well Learn how to install a backup hand pump on an existing well and avoid power-outage droughts. What do you do to . Jul 17,   Work the end of your PVC pipe into the barbed adapter. You will need at least 12 feet of Schedule 80 1 1/4-inch PVC pipe to attach to the pump. If you are running PVC all the way up the well, this step applies to either one. Use the two hose clamps to clamp the hose to the fitting. The entire system must be watertight, or the pump will not work.

We configured the opening near the base of the storage tank for fresh water intake, while the opening at the top is an overflow outlet. A drainage line carries overflow water to spot several yards away. Our water storage tank came in a light tan color which blended nicely with the surrounding environment. However we noticed that its lighter color allowed a lot of sunlight to penetrate the walls of the storage tank.

To prevent any chance of unwanted bacterial growth in our tank, we painted the outside with exterior house paint. It is still a lovely tan color, but the paint prevents nearly all light from shining into the tank. We purchased a float switch, which we plan to install in the water tank once we've had a chance to observe the performance of our initial water system.

The float switch is designed to automatically shut down pumping when the tank reaches the desired level. Earlier during the summer we ran fresh water lines to various points on the property that all connect back to the water manifold. In lieu of PVC pipes we used Pex tubing for both our cold and hot water lines.

We are really pleased with the new system, as Pex lines are connected via a crimping method rather than with a glue. The fresh water lines are buried at a depth of 24 inches and at several spots on the property we installed farm faucets. When all was finally set for go, we began pumping water into the storage tank and then tested each of our new faucets. Everything worked like a charm and we now have fresh running water on our property!

It is really a pretty cool feeling.

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Pex Installation. Running Lines to Our Septic System. This book provides information for homebuilders who want to install their own septic system or well.

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The authors discuss several methods for digging your own well, as well as materials and equipment that you will need. It covers the basics on perc testing and overviews the process of putting in a septic system in from start to finish.

To choose from a greater selection of books visit the ByExample.

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We offer a variety of how to books on topics related to off-grid living, homesteading and sustainability. Lowering the Submersible Pump First, we measured the distance between the ground and the static water level by lowering a rope into the well. Waterproof heat-shrink tubing being applied to a wire feeding a submersible pump. And soldering these connections makes good sense.

Properly crimped connectors work fine at first, but they are susceptible to corrosion over the years. Even with soldered connections, cover them with waterproof, heat-shrink tubing, just to be sure. Never use electrical tape because it will simply fall off in time.

How do you hook up a well pump

This new submersible pump is ready to lower back down into the well. The pipe on the left carries water up from the well while the smaller pipe on the right is protecting the wires leading to the pump. I find that you can push pump wires through 10 foot lengths of pipe without it buckling.

And second, a check valve ensures immediate water flow into the tank when the pump starts up.

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The best kind have a flap of brass inside. They make a little clicking noise when they operate, but they allow much greater water flow than the silent, spring-activated valves. Install a check valve immediately after the water pipe enters your house, but before it reaches the pressure tank.

Using a grinder to remove the sharp burr on the top edge of a steel well casing. This home-made plywood donut fits over the well casing and protects wires and pipes as they go down.

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Notice the rounded inner edge of the opening, shaped to provide protection. Getting pipe and pump and wires into the well in one piece is heavy work, and there are a couple of things you can do to make success more certain. The first has to do with the top of the well casing. Just to be sure I use a plywood donut with a rounded inner edge that sits on top of the well.

This eases pressure on the pipe, making it easier to avoid kinking it.

Find the Right Pump

You can see the plywood dough I made below. A nearly complete submersible pump replacement job with the cap still removed. The electrical cables come up from the well then go back down the conduit and into the house.

Q: What gauge of wire is used to hook up well pump? - JC, by email. A: 14 gauge wire is fine for providing power from your house to a standard household pump circuit. If your pump is submersible, special wire is sold to go from outside your home, down into the well and to your pump. The gauge of this wire is at least Dec 14,   If you get your water from a well, your home needs a jet pump and pressure tank. During normal operation, the jet pump fills the pressure tank with water to the pump's preset pressure and shuts off.

The security rope supporting the pump is tied to the top of the well casing. Put two people in charge of directing pipe at the well head, and a third guiding the top end of the pipe and tee handle along the ground. After meshing the two halves of the pitless adaptor, tie the end of the safety rope on the top of the inner well cap, complete your connections to the wires feeding power to the pump, then fasten the outer well cover over everything.

No one knows when their well pump will stop working, but there is a way to get temporary water for your whole household while you bring your submersible back online.

Location of this tap is not important, since all water fed into your plumbing system will flow back into your pressure tank in the house, then to all other fixtures from there. The pressure switch on the portable pump switches ON or OFF as needed while domestic water is being used for any fixture.

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Have you ever thought of installing a hand pump as a backup to your electric pump in the same well? I did just that.

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Click here to see how the installation happened. Secure connections on black polyethylene requires heating the pipe to make it soft, and the application of two screws clamps per joint, tightened while the plastic is still soft. You also need to heat and soften the pipe with a propane torch before tightening the screw clamps down.

Add a Hand Pump to an Electric Well

Just to be safe, use two clamps per joint and spend the extra money for stainless steel ones. Also, use a small socket wrench or nut driver to tighten the clamps, not a screw driver. If your pump is submersible, special wire is sold to go from outside your home, down into the well and to your pump.

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