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We are one of a kind, which is a blessing and a curse. We are the girls who only know how to love with all we've got and sometimes it doesn't work out in our favor, but maybe someday someone will appreciate it. We care so much, and we know it's not always good, but we do it anyway because that is all we know. For all of those big hearts out there, I know that people do not always see eye to eye with your ways. Your motives may often get misconstrued and abused if the keeper of your soul doesn't know how to handle the size of your heart, I'm here to tell you it is okay. We fall in love fast and we fall in love hard. From that point on, we give it all we got without a second guess.

10 Reasons Why Dating A Girl With A Big Heart Will Mend Yours

At this point, it's just best to be there when but only when we ask, because chances are we are just going to get more upset and there is no controlling these emotions.

No matter what, our hearts are always going to trump our heads, we just learned to deal with whatever comes our way. Our head versus our hearts is a paradox all within itself, but no one will ever show you love like a person with a big heart.

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We all have a big heart and a complicated mind. Here are 6 reasons why our love is so much stronger than others: 1. Our hearts are wide open.

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We forgive way too easily. We appreciated absolutely every little thing that is done for us People think we are just naive, but we are actually knowledgeable of everything.

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We just choose to see the best in people. When we get upset we are beyond difficult.

She forgives easily. The bigger her heart, the more forgiving she will be. She is not going to hold grudges or engage in any passive aggressive behavior, she will simply let things go.

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She is extremely honest. She is candid and straight-forward.

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She will put your trust issues to rest and will introduce to loyalty, integrity and easy communication. She is compassionate. Her kind heart accepts all parts of you equally, the dark and muddy and the bright and shiny. She will be a fantastic mother.

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Love has a way of spreading and it will definitely fill up every corner of your home. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again.

Dating a girl with a big heart

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Oct 19,   We all have a big heart and a complicated mind. We care so much, and we know it's not always good, but we do it anyway because that is all we know. For all of those big hearts out there, I know that people do not always see eye to eye with your Gigi Hoffman. Because her heart is so big, she'll have no problem loving your quirks. If you have a strange habit of eating pickles before going to bed or sleeping with wooly socks, she won't judge you. And even if your family is far from normal, she'll fit herself right in. Jul 30,   Girlwithabigheart2 was a beautiful young girl that was used very often in Albert's old videos. Albert created Girlwithabigheart2 in the episode "CRYING TO PEOPLE in ROBLOX", after finding out that his previous online dating account, Gaggirldumbass, was deleted. In the video, Girlwithabigheart2 wanders around Life In Paradise while crying to a bunch of people and .

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Oct 16,   A woman with such a big heart will love you with all of it, and that's more than you can ask. The bigger her heart, the better you'll be. Love has a way of spreading. Dating A Girl With A Big Heart And Complicated Mind and your findings are actually supported by scientific research if you want to look into it further. An average looking middle of the road type of guy is simply not going to get much sex unless you really put some thought into it/ / AleksandarNakic. Even though looks can be the first thing that attracts you to a woman, it's her heart that keeps you. A big heart is hard to find, but unlike looks, it lasts forever.

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