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By Amy Chozick. Gladwell adheres to a firm life rule that he drink only five liquids: water, tea, red wine, espresso and milk. On the afternoon I met the author and journalist, I had just listened to an episode in which he interviews an intimidating guest. His audio recorder malfunctions, and he has to sprint to Staples to get a replacement. Gladwell confides in the podcast.

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Inafter the fatal police shooting of a black teenager in Ferguson, Mo. Gladwell started to think about a book that would explore these topics. A year later, Sandra Bland, a year-old black woman in Texas, was found hanged in her jail cell after a traffic stop, and Mr.

Gladwell writes, in his typical pared-down prose.

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He asked her questions. She answered them.

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Then Bland lit a cigarette, and Encinia asked her to put it out. That is the moment when the interaction turned.

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Gladwell examines it not simply through a lens of race, but through the fact that they were strangers. People seemingly so different that they were destined to collide. Gladwell writes.

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The Bland case opens and closes the book, and Mr. Gladwell said he could have devoted the entire volume to her. But his publisher, and his fan base, have come to expect a sprawl of anecdotes. And so he applies the truth-default theory - which originated with a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Timothy R.

Sylvia Plath makes an appearance. I ended the book thinking that we are all doomed to misunderstand one another forever. At 55, in clear-framed spectacles and a head of curls, Mr. Gladwell still has the spindly, featherweight look of someone who can break a five-minute mile on a casual weekend run. He lives in a two-story townhouse apartment in the West Village, brimming with books, vintage furniture and a set of eclectic paintings of the Ethiopian Army.

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We sat at a heavy wooden table as degree August soup poured through the open windows. He had just finished interviewing applicants for a job as his assistant. Lately, there is a lot for an assistant to assist with. Gladwell continues to give paid speeches and is a favorite on the cerebral festival circuit.

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Last year, he started a podcasting company, Pushkin Industrieswith his friend Jacob Weisberg, the former chairman and editor in chief of the Slate Group. Books take years to complete, but thanks to Pushkin, Mr.

Gladwell lends his voice, with its emo librarian timbre, to a varied list of sponsors, from home security to hair loss. When I suggested that all of this constituted a vast and expanding Gladwell Industrial Complex, he cringed.

I am part of a podcasting company. The way Mr. Gladwell sees it, despite his equity stake in Pushkin, all of his work is still journalism - a natural offshoot of the articles that made him famous, first at The Washington Post and then at The New Yorker. True enough. But few reporters ever become discount codes.

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His parents - Mr. After graduating from Trinity College at the University of Toronto, he struck out for a job in advertising but ended up in journalism, writing for two conservative magazines.

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Gladwell joined The Post as a health and business reporter in and became a staff writer at The New Yorker about a decade later. The Roots named their album after the book.

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Gladwell became synonymous with an emerging genre of wonky but readable nonfiction. Time magazine named him one of its Most Influential People. But as Mr.

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They started to rip it apart. His friends point out that journalists can be especially jealous when one of their own so wildly succeeds.

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But the assertion that Mr. Gladwell has a schtick - or even a brand - does seem to irk him. Incidentally, Mr. Some reviewers and Twitter critics may be out for blood when it comes to Mr.

Weisberg said. You put your armor on because people are just going to start feeding on you.

Dating talking to strangers

At Slate, Mr. Weisberg had conceived several hit podcasts, and he persuaded Mr.


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