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If you call a plumber to do this make sure you give him the brand and model number so he can arrive with right parts, that way you will minimize labor charge by reducing the need for a trip to the parts house. I called rotor rooter in PA and had a guy come out. The way your Q. If so then again it's not too bad but will add 1 or more hours to the time required. If not your in trouble deep. But again it's going to add to the cost.

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Yes to plumber - depends a lot on how hidden you want the tubing, and distance. Answered 6 years ago by LCD. Sign In Join Now Help.

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Report It. There are two quantities for each ice maker that I need: the power and the rate that ice is created. For the ice rate which I will call Rmost sites listed this as the amount of ice that can be created in 1 day. Ok, here is the data. I have included both portable ice makers and commercial ice makers.

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This looks linear enough that I can get a relationship between the rate of ice production and the power required. First, let's look at the y-intercept of this function.

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If I am making zero kilograms of ice per second, my ice maker would still draw 88 watts of power. I like that.

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Really, most machines still use electricity when they are not doing anything useful. Ok, but what about the slope?

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If I want to produce 1 kilogram of ice per second, it would require 4. Yes, that is a large power - but remember that is a whole kilogram of ice in just one second.

Just to be clear, let me write out the expression for ice maker power as a function of ice production rate. But what about the cost to make ice? Suppose I want to make a quantity of m in kg of ice. If I look at the value in front of the ice rate in the linear fit above, I can re-write it as:.

How much does it cost to hook up ice maker

I can change the units since 1 Watt is equal to 1 Joule per second. But now this slope makes a bit more sense.

For a basic project in zip code with 1 icemaker, the cost to Install an Ice Maker starts at $ - $ per icemaker. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1. Set Project Zip Code Enter the Zip Code for the location where labor is hired and materials purchased. 2. Apr 02,   how much would it cost to hook up my ice maker on my fridge? im trying to see if i shpuld buy a new fridge with a icemaker but i need to price on how much it will cose me to hook up. Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. dtstellwagen. Lv 7. do you have an ice maker already? The way your Q. reads I'm not sure that you do. They start at $+.

This says that to make 1 kilogram of ice, it would require 4. But how much does electric energy cost?

If I find some ice makers online, I can look up both the rate that they produce ice as well as their power consumption. From this, I can get a real-world estimate for the cost (both energy and. How much would it cost to connect refrigerator ice / water filtration / filter system to kitchen plumbing? Hello, we just purchased a whirlpool refrigerator with a built water filtration system and ice maker Would I contact a plumber to install the water lead . How much does it cost to install a water line for an ice maker; cost for running a water line from the attic to refrigrator for ice maker; I need a good plumber to .

Although different people have different electricity rates, I am going to go with a price of 10 cents per kilowatt hour. If you do some simple conversions, this is 2.

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Now I can write an expression for the cost C as a function of mass of ice. This says that to make 1 kilogram of ice, you would need to spend 1.

How to Connect an Ice Maker - Cheap & Easy

That seems a bit lower than I would have guessed, but I'm going with that value. Oh, just let me point out that I ignored the 88 Watts to just have the machine on. That's probably a small enough factor to ignore.

how much would it cost to hook up my ice maker on my fridge?

There are some other things that might matter such as the starting temperature of the water. Also, I didn't include the cost of the water itself.

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Still, this seems like an ok estimate. But can I estimate the electricity cost that people have expended on this challenge?

Tapping the Cold Water Line

Well, of course I can estimate it - but it might be a terrible estimation. Clearly the limitation of accuracy has never stopped me before and it obviously won't stop me now. This means that so far 30 million kilograms of ice have been used for the IBC by my estimate.

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So, how much did it cost to make this ice?

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