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Opinion how dating has changed over the past 30 years consider, that you

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We've all heard members of older generations start a story with an eye-roll-prompting, "Back in my day," which is then followed by a seemingly endless list of ways things have changed in the intervening years generally portrayed in a negative lens. However, while those tales of walking 10 miles in the snow may be a little stale, there's no denying that life has changed in some seriously significant ways over the last half-century. From advances in technology and medicine to seismic paradigm shifts in romance and religion, life is majorly different today than it was just 50 years ago. If you said you were "going to work" fifty years ago, that meant heading to a physical location outside of your home and chugging away until 5. Today, your couch is as good an office as any-in fact, a recent Gallup poll reveals that 43 percent of workplaces allow employees to work from home at least part of the time. While it's not exactly like jogging or playing sports was invented in the last 50 years, the global focus on fitness has undeniably increased in the past half-century. While having a treadmill in your house in may have made you stand out, it's not uncommon for people to own pieces of fitness equipment in their homes, and there are now more than 35, gyms in the United States alone.

Think, that dating someone with the same astrological sign are

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Dating someone similar to you can surely have its ups and downs. You probably often vibe with people that have the same sign as you, but does that really set you up for a compatible relationship, or are you better off steering clear and finding another who can balance you out more? The biggest thing to keep in mind is that it does depend on the signs to a degree, but here's what the experts have to say. One advantage of dating a person with the same sun sign which is the zodiac sign you typically think of is that you understand each other. Cancers, for example, tend to be homebodies and enjoy spending quiet time with a significant other. Sagittarians, by contrast, are active people who like to be on the go. So, dating someone with similar features can make things easier in terms of building a life together.

Think, dating someone with the same name as your mom right! good idea

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I feel like you'd start doing that even if you didn't before, just to get away from it. JamesJWS yea probably xD. Same here. My parents names are also very uncommon among people of the same age as me. If I ever dated someone with my parent's name, I would go with the nickname option as well. That sounded perverted. Should've used a's instead of e's, lol.

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